Thursday, 1 December 2011

My Day ..

today is my kinda bad and good day .. I was online my Facebook but my little brother tell my mom i was online for too long (it is true) .. then he play while i was doing chores that my mom and dad tell me to do ..  i was soo piss off i keep jumping like crazy girl outside of my house .. but i was caught by mom ... she saw me at my reflected mirror and make me shock .. but again i was still piss off by my little brother cuz make me be like this .. after  few hour my mom asked my little brother wanna sleep with her but he refuse too .. then i got my chance to edit my blog and post something i wanna say :)) then my mom awakes and scolded my cuz i didnt do my chores ( i forgot my chores kekeke) then i do 2 things at the same times but its really hard .. after that i was thinking i wanna cookz tempura nugget for my family .. but then after i serve the food my sister and younger sister dont wanna eat it .. my brother eat many as i am and my mom and dad eat too .. then my little brother wants eat more and i cook more .. now my brother eating and i only tell this story with tiredness .. i dont know why i'm feel tired .. well this all my story for now .. 

                               -goodbye , anyeong , thank you for reading-

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